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COLTENE is pleased to offer two high-quality resins cements, each offering unique advantages.

SoloCem self-adhesive resin cement

  • Provides one-step reliable cementation
  • Achieves reliable values with no additional bonding thanks to monomers contained in the composite-like formulation
  • Is fast and easy to use

DuoCem dual-curing resin cement*

  • Provides a superior bond that you can trust for even the most demanding indications, including a full CAD/CAM crown
  • Offers high shear-bond strength on ceramic, composite and metal when combined with ParaBond, a chemical curing adhesive
  • Is suitable for a full range of indications, including crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts

Choose the cement that's right for you and request a free sample below. Prefer to try them both? Simply check both boxes. Offer good for USA & Canada residents only, where product is available. (Excludes US territories)


*Not available in Canada

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